Meditation training can change your life!

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The effect that meditation training have on your health is well known. training yourself to sit in a meditation even just a few minutes a day can have huge impact (for the better) on your life.

Meditation training

there was a very nice article i spotted the other day on title : Meditation Training For Complete Beginners which gives some highlights on how and when to sit , here is a short piece of the post:

1. Sit comfortably, with your back erect. Or lie on the floor, sofa or bed. Close your eyes and give yourself a few seconds to feel comfortable. Take a few slow, deep breaths. In through your nose and then out through your mouth. You do not need to continue the nose/mouth technique but it can be useful for the first few breaths.

2. Allow your breathing to be natural. Try not to control it, nor force it. Just allow yourself to feel each breath as you breathe it.

this is how you should start your practice , nothing overly complected really. and that’s the beauty of meditation – its so simple you can explain to a 5 years old ( I actually tend to sit in a meditation with my own young kids and they love it!)

if you are more of a zen person , here is a little info from an article called Meditation 101: How To Zen Out In Just 10 Minutes

  • Start with one really big, slow, deep cleansing breath.

  • Expanding your stomach and chest fully on the breath in, and exhaling fully, feeling tension leaving your body as you let the air out through your mouth. You can sigh audibly if you like.

  • Come back to the natural rhythm of your breath, breathing in and out through your nose.

  • Now bring your attention fully to your breath, noticing the temperature of the air as it touches your nostrils and following the breath into your nasal passages, your lungs, your belly.

  • Now reverse that pattern to breath to belly and then chest, paying attention to the sensation of air as it leaves your nostrils.

  • On your inhale you can repeat silently to yourself, “breathing in.” On your breath out you can say, “breathing out.”

  • Whenever you notice that your attention has drifted away from your breath just gently come back to it and those statements. Don’t worry if you have to do this.

I do like zen i have to say but zen is much more then just meditation, its all way of living. the way you eat, walk, talk to people.

being in the “zen” for me has huge effect on how i go about my daily life. its really all about paying attention to the small things and not getting angry over silly things in our daily routine. when ever i do feel i am getting upset , i just start my meditation training right there!

I put my attention on body, i can usually feel its getting warmer. and i just let that felling be, and slowly i can see how i start to relax into it. that’s the power of meditation for you!